ACS Instrument

ACS Instrument

Acoustic Control Systems atau ACS Instrument adalah manufaktur alat test dan alat ukur khususnya bergerak di bidang alat ukur non destruktif, ulltrasonic.

ACS Instrument berkantor pusat di Jerman. Akselera Instrument adalah distributor resmi untuk produk-produk dari ACS Instrument dan menjual semua produk ACS yakni Metal Testing dan Concrete Testing. 

The state of the art of ultrasonic testing raises expectations regarding the 2D/3D ultrasonic imaging of material flaws with quantitative evaluation of inspection results, whereby an inspection procedure may provide a differentiated predication of the flaw type, size and location.

Modern signal processing and image reconstruction techniques for phased array generated data such as ‘Digital Focus Array’ allow tomographic representation of the inspection volume and thus accurate flaw sizing, reflecting an introduction of new quality standards in modern ultrasonic testing.

Acoustic Control Systems – ACS-Solutions GmbH offers manual ultrasonic testing instruments and automated inspection solutions for different testing applications, such as ultrasonic testing of weld joints, ultrasonic testing of forgings and casting components and composite materials.

Innovative and easy-to-use ultrasonic testing equipment by ACS based on novel Digital Focus Array® (DFA®) technology provide our customers with the leading-edge three-dimensional ultrasonic tomography allows taking advantage of improved evaluation of the inspection results.

Both manual and automated instruments from pencil-like ultrasonic wall-thickness gauge through the user-friendly manual in-situ ultrasonic tomography instruments for welds and concrete constructions up to the remotely controlled ultrasonic scanning vehicles for couplant-free ultrasonic pipeline monitoring – all the novel instrumentation by ACS-Solutions GmbH will bring your quality assurance to the technological level of tomorrow.

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