Hand held corona detecting systems

Mencari detektor corona?

Ofil System Handheld corona detecting sytem menyediakan banyak model detektor corona yang disebabkan oleh adanya partial discharge dengan menggunakan video jarak jauh. Selain aman, alat ini sangat membantu untuk predictive maintenance bai di industri, pembangkit listrik, jasa service/ kontraktor pln, power provider, maupun residential building, dll.

NDT - non destructive testing imaging systems, developed, designed and manufactured by Ofil using proprietary UV BandPass technology - the DayCor ®Technology. Systems are designed to be carried and operated while in foot patrol. Ideal for inspecting transmission lines, distribution, motors and generators, switch gears, and for HV laboratories.


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  • Luminar
  • Superb
  • UVollé
  • Scalar

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DayCor® Luminar

DayCor® Luminar

Bagaimana cara mendeteksi corona yang disebabkan oleh adanya partial discharge?DayCor Luminar dari O..

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