AC Power Source

GW Instek AC Power Supplies currently can be divided into three categories.

AC power supply APS-1102A not only plays the role as a precision AC/DC power source but also a powerful analyzer. It contains abundant features for the testing and characteristic analysis of power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules.

The APS-7000 series is programmable linear AC power source, with the height of 2U and output frequency range is 45~500Hz. The maximum rated output for APS-7050 is 500VA, 310Vrms, 4.2Arms and APS-7100 is 1000VA, 310Vrms, 8.4Arms. The APS-7000 series comprises nine measurement and test functions and provides user interface similar to that of AC Power Meter.

The APS-9000 Series are dual output, 300 to 1000VA, linear AC power source. To protect the APS-Series and loads from unexpected conditions, over current, over temperature, and short-circuit protection are standard.

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GW INSTEK APS-7000 Series

GW INSTEK APS-7000 Series

GW INSTEK APS-7000 Series menyediakan 2 pilhan AC Power Source programmable. Tersediaa 2 pilhan 500V..

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